Pakistan enacted the Protection of Economic Reforms Act in 1992 to relax foreign currency controls, boost the confidence of investors and rejuvenate the economy of the country. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Harvest Topworth International (HTI) commenced operations in Pakistan in 1994 as a registered partnership.. Since then, HTI has worked with a number of international brokerage firms to provide facilities and services to their clients in Pakistan. HTI currently provides services to clients of two different international companies, namely CMC Markets, a UK based firm licensed by the Financial Services Authority and Standard Vanguard Investments, a licensed New Zealand entity.

We now specialize in providing services to a broad client base in Pakistan. Headquartered at Lahore, our operation is being conducted from various locations in Pakistan including Karachi, Multan, Sargodha, Sahiwal and Vehari.   

In 2006, HTI retained its pioneering status by providing access to an internet based online facility for clients of international brokerage firms. Hi-tech communications and other information systems now enable us to make first hand information available to persons interesting in trading on international commodity and futures markets.

In order to maintain our operational growth, we have equally focused on our internal sustainability. Starting with a group of merely 100 business agents, our marketing strength now exceeds 500 staff members for providing efficient and prompt service to clients. We work round the clock in order to facilitate the clients of international brokerage firms.

Our research department was established in 2000 and is composed of experts in financial matters. The research department carries out regular analysis of financial trends and the factors affecting basic economic fundamentals. This allows clients of international brokerage firms with timely access to locally provided information which may have both long term and short term relevance to their investments.

Compared with other developed markets, Pakistan has a very small percentage of its population exposed to financial markets. With Harvest Topworth International, improvement, innovation and growth never stop. Our objective is to offer the clients of international brokerage firms with all the services and facilities required by them.  Our performance and adherence to globally recognized standards has been recognized through our successful achievement of ISO 9001 certification.

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